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We empower the CFO


Everything in business begins and ends with a payment, whether from a customer or a supplier. Fragmented and non-integrated IT systems prevent companies from handling payment processes efficiently and digitally. This compromises security, and increases the risk of fraudulent attacks. 

Serrala is the only vendor that can offer a fully integrated suite of best practice solutions that streamline and optimize all payment processes, treasury and data and document management.

We offer truly differentiated, on-premises, cloud and SaaS solutions in our ‘Office of the CFO’ where all financial processes and payments are automated and optimized. With flexible delivery models for SAP or other ERP systems, Serrala ultimately empowers the CFO.

The goal of the Serrala partner management team is to develop a new fintech ecosystem for payments. We also set the bar for the future with a comprehensive, unique portfolio of B2B solution suites for both corporates.

We enable our partners with transparent, innovative and flexible solutions that are scalable to meet the needs of their customers and assist them in differentiating from other companies. We believe in advanced technology, intelligent automation and personalized consulting to deliver digital financial processes.


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Who Partners With Us

Partnering with Serrala provides the advantage of growing your customer base and generating revenue for your existing business. As a result, you will enjoy competitive advantage and differentiate yourself in the market, while enhancing your position of trust as a market leader. Our joint ambition should be that our partner becomes a reseller.

We offer two fintech partnership models:
Referral: Typical partners in our referral network have business synergy with financial processes. We will cooperate and develop business activity to identify referral opportunities while you earn commission on successful leads. This model can enhance your portfolio with a complementary offering to your current business. 

Reseller: Typical partners in our reseller network are systems integrators, advisors and consultancies. Expand your portfolio by offering Serrala's best in class, innovative financial software while benefiting from two revenue streams:
a) commission on subscriptions sold;
b) selling your consulting days for the subsequent implementation project.

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SAP Delivery firms

For SAP delivery firms we provide an end to end fintech solution that offers additional business value for their existing clients and prospects.
They also have SAP-implementation skills and are part of the SAP fintech ecosystem.
As your Fintech partner of choice we offer you a path for growth and help develop the capabilities you need to achieve that growth. We create a partner strategy with you and place your customer experiences at the core, supported by Serrala´s capabilities and resources.

Consulting firms

Consulting companies benefit from our fintech partnership experience and are also adept at implementing large SAP projects. Access to CFOs and finance departments provides them with excellent value.
With the foresight that consulting companies have, they can embed our portfolio modularly in the payment and treasury world of their global customers, and complement our solutions with their international finance knowledge and global implementation skills.


We enable banking partners with end-to-end solutions that digitize financial processes to empower their customers' CFOs and differentiate themselves from other banks. In doing so we create new business value. Our transparent, innovative, and flexible solutions are scalable and meet the needs of our customer’s customers.
In our fintech partnerships we have proven that we can work with banks and help them invest in digital tools for effective cash management, comprehensive information reporting, treasury operations, and seamless payments.
We deliver a superior customer experience and serve as a foundation for the next phase of growth.


The challenge for ERP vendors is to find the correct balance between the depth and breadth of their solution.
How much functionality is possible without getting bogged down in detail? This is particularly so in the cloud, where functionalities are even more limited than on premises.
We can help vendors focus on their core competencies and provide solutions around the CFO's office by going the extra mile for them.
We deliver the solutions they need to make customers happy. Our solution enables ERP vendors to increase retention and differentiate themselves from the competition.

We Support You At Any Time

Our partner management and industry team support you with sales, marketing, and technical questions.
Serrala`s onboarding is very much tailored according to your needs.  
  • Access to support portal and knowledge base 
  • Online marketing tools and collateral 
  • Certification and training 
  • Partner-only technical content 
  • World-class product training 
  • Dedicated partner support team 
  • Ongoing shadowing in the field
  • Our annual partner summit - the place for sharing and exchanging new ideas
  • Regular sales call to support our business goals. 
  • Ongoing joint marketing activities 

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